Perfect present – gift voucher for perfect holiday in Holiday Home Villa Gašparini

If you have no ideas what to give to dearest ones…. We believe that this gift voucher for wonderfull, relaxing long weekend or just a few chearfull days in our house is a perfect choice.

Of course, we are open for any option - you can choose between giving a certain amount (which can be use in any available period) or you can book the exact days upfront if you already know it will suit to the person you're buying this for. Naturally, they will have the opportunity to extend their stay (we can charge them directly for the difference) or, to use the value of this gift voucher in two periods… because it is all about mutual agreement.

So, don't hesitate becaue we will take care that your gift will forever stay as a beautiful memory to everyone involved.

For more information feel free to contact or call us at +385 98 435 055.